Global Quotation System

  • Devised a global quotation system specifically designed to CEM customer requirements. Because of a multi-national nature of business the client would frequently compete against himself by issuing multiple quotations to the same customer in different geographical locations. A system was designed that provided instantaneous global visibility to a quotation regardless where it was issued and uniquely tagged it to the customer. Upon a request for quotation, by the same customer, from a different geographical region the original quotation was simply reissued. Supervised global implementation with full integration to the ERP (SAP) system. The resulting savings amounted to over $50 million annually.

Assay Evaluation

  • Implemented a Title 21 CFR part 11 compliant assay evaluation system for vaccine potency. Worked to FDA requirements utilizing SAS analytical processing to qualify a new method for the evaluation. The result was to reduced the cycle time by 70% and cost by 55%. Project completed on schedule with continuous support.

Sales Forecasting

  • Created and subsequently maintained a Sales Tracker, a global high level sales forecasting and performance monitoring tool specifically designed for top management. It incorporated a six month rolling forecast based on monthly data input by the Key Account Managers and the Regional Managers. The forecast was in turn reconciled to the established yearly sales goals, discrepancies noted, and adjustments made. Data cubes and summary reports were generated on scheduled basis and ad-hoc reports were available at any time.

Process Optimization

  • Designed a manufacturing yield enhancement system correlating test to process data utilizing multivariate analysis for automated defect identification. The project was challenging since the manufacturing process and hence the data was split between two geographical locations, the US and Thailand. Significant data mining and verification had to be done to insure the significance of the correlation. Yields improved 7% resulting in $15 million dollar improvement to the bottom line.

Medical Data Acquisition

  • Developed a manufacturing monitoring system for aerosol inhalers. Participated in FDA regulatory audit resulting in full validation of the system.

Bill of Materials Tracking

  • Implemented a Bill of Materials (BOM) Tracker, a business creation tool designed to collect information from the sales force and tying it directly to business fulfillment. It provided a Rep commission structure for Standard Products incentivizing Design Wins. A hierarchical security architecture allowed for the Business Opportunities to be viewed only by authorized parties. A notification and a secure approval flow for paying commissions was an integral part of the tool.

Customer Issue Resolution

  • Organized and staffed a company in Singapore to support data acquisition and management for a back end semiconductor operation. Monitored customer issue resolution and integrated with an existing ERP system.

Online Approval

  • Developed an online Approval Tool for internal employees and contractors to subscribe to internal mobility services. Depending on job classification and service category, the tool would notify the direct manager or a VP for an online approval. The application was deployed to over 300,000 employees worldwide.

Waiting List Management

  • Provided data management service for a nonprofit community development organization to customize and decentralize waiting list data over 14 different property locations.

Sales Compensation

  • Implemented a Sales Compensation System for the Sales Operation Division of a mobile solution company. Provided a complete package including gathering business requirements, designing database schema, importing data, and reporting.