CLIP, a Close Loop Improvement Process, is an enterprise level real-time close loop machine control system with data collection, equipment interfaces, and reports. CLIP is based on an OLAP architecture designed to interface to MES systems and utilized most advanced analytics and data mining technologies. It is designed for production optimization, new product development and regulatory conformance. CLIP is quick to implement, seamlessly integrates with existing systems, requires minimal training and provides a fast ROI. It has proven itself in the electronics, semiconductors, and biotech industries worldwide.


Tariff Tracker streamlines the assignment of the US Tariff codes to bulk electronic components in the declaration forms presented to the US Customs Service. The forms typically precede the shipment and need to be accurate and timely to avoid delays and potential penalties. Foreign manufacturers seldom have a thorough understanding of the US regulations and frequently will misrepresent the content of shipment. Domestic companies manufacturing abroad become directly liable for the actions of their foreign subcontractors. The Tariff Tracker insures the accuracy of the shipment information at the source, assigning the right codes and transfers the information to the proper authorities.